Ed Newman’s Profitable Book Picks!

Below is a list of currently profitable books you can buy in the Amazon marketplace (MF) and the resell in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). The net profit is the minimum current FBA price minus FBA fees minus the cost to buy the book including shipping. It does not include the price to ship the book to Amazon (typically less than $1 per book when you send many books at once).
You are not buying the actual book from me, you are buying the ISBN and link to buy the book on Amazon.

Updated Lowest
180 Day
Avg Rank
Condition Net Profit
Add to Cart
02/19/2018 04:16:45$20.32$65.97448,000 Good $22.29
02/19/2018 12:37:12$27.22$78.9186,754 Very Good $25.97
02/19/2018 12:36:37$31.89$89.97278,208 Good $30.24
02/22/2018 00:53:30$29.40$92.56501,483 Good $34.55
02/19/2018 04:17:07$39.96$139.93382,000 Good $61.19
02/19/2018 04:17:56$69.78$189.87293,000 Very Good $72.56
02/19/2018 04:17:32$53.98$174.99465,000 Very Good $75.39
02/22/2018 00:54:01$51.71$185.11365,405 Good $88.77
02/20/2018 00:10:39$41.00$179.22436,451 Good $90.36
02/19/2018 12:35:31$52.88$200236,548 Good $96.14
02/19/2018 04:18:23$42.53$192.23537,000 Good $99.90


All books were verified good buys at the time of listing but Amazon is a fluid market and changes often. I verified per the listing that all books are average rank less than 700K, 50% or greater ROI (most over 100% ROI), non fiction, in good or better condition, not pdf, not ebook, not water damaged. These are all books I would buy from the description. I obviously cannot guarantee the condition of the book you actually receive or that it sells.
Your purchase is guaranteed to be within 10% of the numbers shown and if you are not happy within 3 days I will either give you another pick or a refund, your choice. Just contact me at [email protected]

You might be wondering if these are all good buys why I don’t just buy them all myself. Because I can find so many listings that I cannot afford to buy them all!

MF – Amazon lowest marketplace offer including shipping in good or better condition.
FBA – Lowest Amazon Prime price in good or better condition.
Avg Rank – Last 3 month average selling rank. Lower is better.
Net Profit – How much you can make on the book. Doesn’t include shipping to Amazon or my fee above.

If you don’t know what online book arbitrage is just click here.


  1. Hi Ed. I have no reviews, but I have a question. I sell books MF, because I have room at my house to store the books I buy. Do I have to be FBA to buy & resell books that you have posted? Is there any way to become FBA, but not send them into Amazon warehouses? Thank you for your time & information. I have always wanted to do book arbritrage, but becoming FBA has always held me back, as I don’t want to pay the warehouse fees. Thanks again for any help you can give me.


    • Since FBA is Fulfillment By Amazon the books have to be in Amazons possession so that Amazon can ship them.
      Yes you would have to be in FBA to to resell the books I have posted except a few rare occasions. FBA books sell for much more than MF which is where the profit comes from.

  2. Hi,
    The idea is very good and certainly meets the need of many. I would ask you to study the possibility of books with the NEW condition.
    Congratulations to the staff !!!!

    • Some of the books to buy are new if they are the lower cost one. Note that you should not sell new books on Amazon unless you have receipts from authorized distributors.

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